Tail Swingers Fish Sticks with Chicken

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Our Tail Swingers Fish Sticks with Chicken are a delightful treat that will make your pet's taste buds dance with joy. These chewy sticks combine the goodness of cod and chicken, creating a flavorful blend that your furry friend will adore.

Every pack contains delicious fish sticks made with 60% cod and 35.8% chicken, offering a satisfying and nutritious chewing experience. These sticks are carefully crafted to promote dental health by helping to reduce plaque and tartar buildup while keeping your pet happily occupied.

Made with high-quality ingredients, our Tail Swingers Fish Sticks with Chicken provide a delightful combination of flavors that dogs love. The cod brings a hint of the sea while the chicken adds a savory touch. These sticks are suitable for dogs of all sizes, ages, and breeds.

We prioritize your pet's well-being, which is why our fish sticks are made without artificial additives or preservatives. You can have peace of mind knowing that you're treating your furry companion to a natural and wholesome snack.

With their irresistible taste and chewy texture, our Tail Swingers Fish Sticks with Chicken are a fantastic addition to your pet's treat collection. Watch as your pet eagerly chomps down on these flavorful sticks, savoring every bite!

Add our Tail Swingers Fish Sticks with Chicken to your cart today and give your pet a delightful and nutritious chewing experience that will keep their tail wagging with happiness!

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