Recycled Poop Bags (pack of 3)

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We all know picking up poop is not the highlight of our day, but with our recycled poop bags, you can make it a little less crappy!

These bags are not only practical during walks, but they're also great for protecting the environment and keeping your furry friend clean and hygienic. And the best part? They're totally durable and leakproof, so you can say goodbye to those embarrassing moments.

But that's not all - these bags are also 100% eco-friendly. The kraft boxes and rolls with recyclable paper core mean you can do your part for the planet while doing your least favorite task.

So why settle for boring old poop bags when you can have a guilt-free, eco-friendly solution that's just as durable and leakproof? Try our compostable and recycled poop bags today and make poop picking a little less crappy!

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