Wellfed Meat Mellows Soft Rolls with Creamy Filling

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Flavor: Chicken & Cheese (3 * 10gr) 30gr (Pack of 6) 180gr

Attention all cat aficionados, curious kittens, and pampered feline royalty! We present to you the epitome of cat treat indulgence – our Wellfed Meat Mellows Soft Rolls! Picture this: a tantalizing blend of soft, pillowy rolls embracing a rich, velvety filling that's practically a gourmet masterpiece for your cat's discerning palate.

Rolls of Joy: These rolls aren't just treats; they're a culinary journey for your cat! With a texture so delicate, it's like biting into a cloud, and a taste so exquisite, your cat will purr with delight at every single bite.

Creaminess Beyond Compare: Ah, the filling! Creamier than a catnap on a lazy Sunday afternoon, our filling is a luxurious concoction of flavors. Imagine your cat's eyes widening in sheer delight as they experience the delightful explosion of creaminess in their mouth – it's a flavor fiesta!

Variants Fit for Royalty:

  1. Chicken & Cheese Extravaganza (Pack of 6 - 180g): For the feline foodies who crave a poultry paradise paired with the richness of cheese, our Chicken & Cheese variant is a symphony of flavors. Weighing in at 180g, this pack promises endless moments of gourmet indulgence.

  2. Combo Mix Bliss (Pack of 3 - 240g): Why settle for one flavor when you can have it all? Our Combo Mix variant brings together the best of both worlds. With a pack of three weighing 240g, this combo is a whirlwind tour of taste, featuring an assortment of chicken, cheese, and more, ensuring your cat never gets bored of their treats.

Made for Majesty: Crafted from the finest cuts of meat fit for feline royalty, these rolls are more than just treats – they're a regal feast! Packed with proteins and nutrients, they support your cat's overall well-being, ensuring they're always at the top of their game.

A Treat for All Ages: Whether you have a frisky kitten exploring the world or a sophisticated senior cat enjoying the finer things in life, these rolls cater to all stages of a cat's life. Watch your fur baby's eyes light up as they sink their teeth into the tender rolls, savoring each moment.

Why Settle for Ordinary? Treat your whiskered companion to the extraordinary. Because every cat deserves a touch of gourmet elegance in their life. Wellfed Meat Mellows Soft Rolls – where taste meets sophistication. Make your cat's day a flavorful adventure – add a dash of delight to their dish today! 

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