NATUREST Anti-AGEING Effect Chicken+Salmon+Amaranth 400gr (pack of 6)

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Unleash the fountain of youth for your wise and wiggly senior dog with our Age-Defying Salmon and Chicken Dog Wet Food, packed with more magic than a doggy wizard's wand! Crafted for the distinguished dogs aged 7 years and beyond, this culinary delight will have them doing the "senior shuffle" with glee.

Key Features:

1. Anti-Ageing Wizardry: As dogs mature, they demand a menu fit for royalty. Our expertly concocted wet food is like a potion filled with essential nutrients and antioxidants to battle the nefarious effects of ageing, giving your dog the vim and vigor of a pup.

2. Protein Perfection: We've summoned the power of salmon and chicken, combining them for a protein source that keeps muscles strong and ready for action. Your senior dog will be dancing like nobody's watching!

3. Amaranth Amazement: We've sprinkled in some Amaranth, the superfood of legends! Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, it's a digestive hero that will have your furry friend feeling like a spry adventurer.

4. Joint Wizardry: Green-Lipped Mussel, the magician's secret, is here to support those creaky joints. It's like a disappearing act for discomfort, letting your companion move like a graceful ninja.

5. Delightful Delicacy: Even the most particular senior dogs will flip their floppy ears for this premium wet food. It's a taste sensation that's gentle on the dentures and soothing for sensitive tummies.

6. Vet-Approved Sorcery: Our Age-Defying Dog Wet Food is so good; it's like it came straight from Merlin's kitchen. Veterinarians trust it to provide the ideal potion of nutrition for mature dogs, so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in the hands of wizards.

Give your loyal companion the gift of a vibrant and whimsical senior life. Our Age-Defying Salmon and Chicken Dog Wet Food isn't just a meal; it's a gastronomic adventure designed to keep your dog's tail wagging as they age like fine wizards!

Pamper your senior dog with the best, because they've been your partner-in-crime through it all, and now it's your turn to make their twilight years magical. Add Age-Defying Salmon and Chicken with Amaranth and Green-Lipped Mussel Dog Wet Food to your cart today and watch your furry friend embrace their golden years with enchantment and joy. Abracadabra-licious!

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